Short letting your property

A SHORT LET is a fully furnished and equipped property that can be booked by guests for as little as 3 nights. The rental price includes all utility bills, council tax, a weekly linen change service and wi-fi.

Penny & Sinclair are proud to have built and continue to maintain an excellent reputation for letting and managing some of the finest and well situated Short Let properties in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. When deciding to short let your property, it is important to choose an experienced agent who understands your requirements, has a portfolio of similar properties and aims to attract good quality guests who will appreciate your property.

For further information, please contact our Short Lets team on 01865 297525.

Why Choose to Short Let Through Penny & Sinclair?

The agent you choose to let your property is one of the most important decisions you will make. By choosing Penny & Sinclair, you can be confident of the following:


Our dedicated and professional Short Lets team works hard to achieve a high level of occupancy with quality guests. We have in-house booking, property management and accounts teams who specialise in Short Lets.


If you are working or living abroad, have a second home, or are away for longer periods of time, you have the option to short let your property whilst you are away. Properties are marketed throughout the year and you can advise us of when you wish to use your property for yourself. Options You can market your property on a short or long term basis, for example short letting during the high season and long letting during the low season. You can, therefore, consider multiple offers.


Our property management team works closely with you at all times to provide you with peace of mind that your property is in safe hands and is being well managed in your absence.

Additional Income

The revenue from short letting your property will help cover costs and can supplement your income whilst the property would otherwise be vacant.

Is My Property Suitable as a Short Let?

You can short let anything from a studio apartment to a family home. We will assess your property for suitability, based on a number of factors including location, presentation and the expectations of yourself and possible guests.


If you have a mortgage, you must obtain permission from your lender in the form of a ‘Consent to Let’. Failure to do so could leave you in breach of your mortgage agreement. Similarly, if you have any restrictions on your lease with regards to short letting your property, these would need to be checked and complied with in advance.

Minimum Term

Initially, your property must be available for a period of four to six consecutive weeks. Thereafter, we will work with you to advise upon and manage the availability of your property to tie in with your requirements.


These should be of good quality, in good condition and sufficient for the size of property and number of potential guests. The provision of adequate storage for guests is expected and your own personal possessions will, therefore, need to be kept to a minimum, with drawers and wardrobes cleared.

Presentation of your Property

Well-presented properties are booked more quickly and achieve higher income. Properties should be equipped with soft furnishings and decorative items. These items are provided to enhance the appearance of your property for the guests’ stay and for marketing purposes. They should therefore be coordinating and have good visual impact, so as not to limit the appeal of your property. Our property management team will guide you through the process of preparing your property for short letting and will provide an inventory of all items required. We also offer a design consultancy, as part of which we will outline guests’ expectations and offer advice to ensure that your property is presented in the best possible way.

A Choice of Services to Cater for all Requirements

As an independent company, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We offer two main short letting services, each of which can be tailored to meet individual owners’ needs. We are fully committed to finding the most suitable guests for your property, whichever service you choose.

Fully Managed Service

Fee = 20% commission + VAT on rental income

This is our most popular service, and includes all administration associated with marketing and booking your property. This service ensures that every aspect of managing your property is taken care of, including housekeeping, maintenance and gardening. You have the reassurance that your property is being continually monitored and well maintained by our team of Short Let specialists. We arrange all necessary safety checks and ensure that the property complies with any new legislation. To protect your interests, a damage deposit fee is charged to the guest for each booking. In the unlikely event that other fees need to be charged to the guest, we manage this process for you as part of the service. Our property management team is on hand and we offer a 24-hour emergency telephone service for guests at our fully managed properties. The Fully Managed Service ensures that bookings run smoothly and efficiently. All fully managed properties benefit from the use of our professional linen service. Guests are also supplied with a welcome and toiletries pack on arrival.

Marketing, Booking & Administration Service

Fee = 15% commission + VAT on rental income

This service is popular with owners who live in close proximity to the property they wish to let. You will be responsible for preparing the property, will be the point of contact for the guests, will carry out all necessary maintenance and will arrange the weekly and ongoing housekeeping duties. Penny & Sinclair will market your property, complete the booking and payment process and will then pass on details of the guest to you. Any necessary deductions from the damage deposit are the responsibility of the owner and you would be expected to agree these directly with the guest.

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